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Dental Hygiene

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Dental Hygiene

dentaladj. and n.

Frequency (in current use):  
Etymology: < modern or ? medieval Latin dentālis, < densdent-em tooth; compare French dental... (Show More)
 A. adj.

 a. Of or pertaining to the teeth; of the nature of a arch n. the arched or curved line of the teeth in the mouth.  dental cavity n. the natural hollow of a tooth, which is filled by the dental pulp.  dental formula n. a formula or concise tabular statement of the number and kinds of teeth possessed by a mammal; the numbers in the upper and the lower row are written above and below a horizontal line, like the numerator and denominator of a fraction: see dentition n. 2.  dental papilla n. Anat. a projection of mesenchymal tissue into the embryonic enamel organ which gives rise to odontoblasts.

  dental hygienist  n. an ancillary dental worker specializing in dental hygiene, scaling and polishing of teeth, etc.

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