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ENGL 1101, 1102, and 1105

ENGL 1105 Videos, Tutorials, and Information Literacy Assessment

Here are the direct links (not in Blackboard site) to videos and tutorials your professor has asked you to view prior to taking the Information Literacy Assessment.

These videos were assigned for ENGL 1101 and 1102 Fall 2019 and later. If you were in that course during this time, you were assigned to watch these. If you did not watch them in ENGL 1101/1102, please watch them now. If you DID watch them, they are here for review, if you'd like.

These videos are new for ENGL 1105.

Now you are ready to take the Information Literacy Assessment.

You will fall under one of two criteria as to how you will take the assessment.

If you are an on-campus student and/or your professor uses Blackboard, your quiz will be in Blackboard. You will click on the link in Blackboard and take it that way.

If you are a CCP student, your professor will send you a link with instructions on how to access the quiz.