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The Electronic Journal Center (or EJC) is a collection of over 4300 research journals (with full text). You can search by journal title or subject and browse by discipline.

You can utilize this resource to your research advantage in a number of ways.

  1. If you know the specific journal title, such as Rolling Stone, you can search within the publications for that title. Once you select "Rolling Stone" from the results list, you have the option to:
    1. search within Rolling Stone directly from that page. Say you're researching the group Mumford & Sons. You can search across the issues of the journal for any content that relates to Mumford & Sons.
    2. identify a database that provides full text access and select specific issues in the periodical. So if you know that in the March 26, 2015, issue Rolling Stone wrote a cover story on Mumford & Sons, you can get straight to the full text of the article.
  2. If you are researching in a specific field such as educational psychology, you can search for and identify journals related to your subject. In this case, you could identify specific journals focused on educational psychology and search within individual journals for articles related to your topic.
  3. If you would like to know the current research in a field you can browse issues by date and year. This may be helpful if you are looking for a paper topic. This can be especially useful for those writing a literature review.

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