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2nd Floor, Rm 266A

About the CMC

The Curriculum Materials Center (CMC) contains resources for Teacher Education students. These include books that focus on classroom practices in teaching and learning; diversity, multiculturalism, and inclusion; educational management strategies; and professional development. Students will find manipulatives (physical objects teachers use in instruction) and tools to craft activities and learning objects, such as Ellison Machines and a laminator. (The laminator is available to Teacher Education students ONLY.) A copier is also available only to Teacher Education students. Please see your professor for a code.

In addition to instructional resources, the CMC contains the children’s literature and some young adult literature. Young adult literature can also be found in the main stacks.

See the grid below for help identifying the location for instructional resources and children’s/young adult literature.

Located on Level 1 (the bottom floor), the CMC is open the same hours as the Library.  Please ask for help at Library Service Desk on the main floor if a CMC Assistant is not on duty.


Searching the Library Catalog for CMC Resources

Search for books, videos, & more in the SSU Library collection. After searching the SSU Catalog, the Modify Search button and Limit to the appropriate CMC option (CMC, CMC Child, CMC Flat Files, CMC Oversize, or Children's Learning Center.)  See the table below for more information.

Location Code in Catalog Typical Resource               
CMC Teacher's materials
CMC Child Children's and young adults' fiction and non-fiction
CMC Flat Files "Big books" and oversize books for older readers
CMC Oversize Manipulatives to assist with teaching
Children's Learning Center Children's literature (In Children's Learning Center)