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Reference Resources

An introduction to Reference Resources.

Meet the Library Staff


Dr. Alan Walker, Interim Director

Lori Perry, Administrative Assistant

Public Services
The Public Services Department staffs the Service Desk, provides expert research assistance, offers library instruction, and outreach services.

Tess Collier, Library Specialist II; Resource Sharing
740.351.3519 or 740.351.3355

Mary Cummings, Research & Instruction Librarian

Cathy Fitch, Library Specialist I; Public Services

Zachary Lewis, Library Specialist (Part-time); Public Services

Systems Department
The Systems Department is responsible for the library's technology and digital initiatives.

Janet Stewart, Systems and Digital Initiatives Librarian

Josh Teeters, Library Systems Support Specialist

Technical Services Department
Technical Services is responsible for library acquisitions, serials, cataloging, and government documents.

Jacqui Allen, Library Specialist II; Acquisitions

Jim Bayes, Library Specialist I; Serials & Public Service
740.351.3214 or 740.351.3513

Suzanne Johnson-Varney, Technical Services and Collection Management Librarian

Elisha Wells, Library Specialist II, Cataloging

Online Collections

Reference resources are an excellent place to begin research because they provide background information about a subject.

Checking reference resources first will help you

  • get an overview of the subject.
  • note key concepts/developments.
  • identify significant individuals.
  • see a chronology/timeline.
  • discern connections/interrelationships with other developments.
  • develop a list of search terms.
  • find bibliographies -- sources for more information.

The library has thousands of reference resources both in print and online.  The resources in the list below are often good starting points.

AND encyclopedias and dictionaries that are specific to the discipline in which your subject falls.  You can find these by doing a catalog search for [YOUR SUBJECT] AND [ENCYCLOPEDIA* OR DICTIONAR*]

More reference resources are noted in the library research guides for specific disciplines (Chemistry, Occupational Therapy, etc.)  Look for "Reference" in the menu on the left.